Get $1,000 For Every Producer You Refer To Agoro Carbon

Refer Friends & Family: You'll Both Be Rewarded

How Does It Work?

It’s easy, share this form with friends and family, and have them reference your name in the contact form below.

If they sign up with us, you will receive $1,000 and they will receive $500.

“Joining Agoro Carbon made sense for my ranch because I am always looking for ways to better manage my acreage and utilize my forage base. With the investment I received, I can add new water pipelines to my ranch, allowing for effective rotational grazing. It makes sense for my bottom line, improving plant and nutrient diversity, and ultimately cattle health.”
– Chad Dolbear, Montana Rancher

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We’re happy to answer any questions that you have about our referral program.

You can reach out to us via email below, or with your dedicated support agronomist.



  1. This Referral Program is applicable to individuals who have executed a Carbon Credit Generation Agreement (“CCGA”) with Agoro Carbon Alliance US, Inc (“Agoro Carbon”).  Such individuals will act as a “Referring Producer” and must be in good standing with Agoro Carbon to be eligible to receive the referral incentive defined below (“Referral Incentive”). 

  2. Referring Producer shall be eligible to refer a neighbor, associate, friend or family member (“New Producer”) who meets the following criteria:

    1. Is a farmer or rancher who owns or leases at least 500 acres of land in the United States;

    2. is not an existing producer directly enrolled by Agoro Carbon or by a  Channel Partner of Agoro Carbon or already in discussions regarding enrollment in the Agoro Carbon Program;

    3. is not currently contracted with a carbon generation company or program for the implementation of the same agricultural regenerative practices; and 

    4. is interested in implementing at least one of the regenerative practices described at:

  3. The Referring Producer shall be eligible to receive the Referral Incentive once per farm leased or owned by the New Producer (i.e., Referring Producer cannot receive two incentives if the New Producer enters into two separate contracts with Agoro Carbon for land leased or owned under the same farm).  

  4. Payment of the Referral Incentive will be made within sixty (60) days after the New Producer executes a CCGA with Agoro Carbon and provides all necessary data to Agoro Carbon. 

  5. Agoro Carbon reserves the right to suspend this Referral Program at any time. 

  6. Former and current Agoro Carbon or Yara employees are not eligible to participate in this Referral Program.

Referral Incentive:$1000 for Referring Producer & $500 for New Producer