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Agriculture, forestry, and land-use change are jointly responsible for up to 20% of the world’s annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Farming has the potential to be a climate-positive practice: one that will counter the environmental crisis, decarbonize the global food system, and improve the livelihoods of the world’s farmers.

The key? Soil carbon sequestration: the most affordable, scalable, and immediate way to reduce atmospheric CO2. Best of all, it’s a long-term solution for our planet: decarbonizing farming could reduce carbon emissions by up to 1 gigaton.


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Through the power of soil, Agoro Carbon aims to make agriculture part of the solution to our climate challenge. We support the transition to regenerative, climate-smart agriculture by providing practical solutions, best-in-class technology, and climate financing. Using our agronomic expertise, we help farmers across four continents adopt new practices that capture carbon from cover cropping to reduced tillage.

From these carbon reductions, we generate independently verified Farm Carbon Credits, which organizations can purchase to support their carbon targets. The farmers gain long-term soil benefits and an extra source of sustainable income. And the credit buyers gain a scalable, traceable, transparent way to offset or inset their GHG emissions. A win-win solution!

As one of the first movers in agricultural decarbonization, we’re aiming to create a global market for agricultural carbon – drawing on the extensive experience, global network, and reputable brand of our founder, Yara International.

Carbon cropping for
carbon credits

We’ve set up a smooth, accessible system to facilitatecarbon
reductionsand credit generation. Here’s how it works:

Offering digital tools to access carbon programs and a team of agronomists that assists farmers at every step.

Farms’ carbon reductions are verified by satellite data, drones, soil samples, third-party data, and powerful models.

Farmers monetize the carbon reductions through Farm Carbon Credits or insets to food value chain buyers – adding value for farmers, businesses, and the planet.

For farmers

Our Agoro Carbon Program supports farmers on their journey to farm decarbonization. It’s designed to make switching practices as simple as possible: we provide tailored agronomic support, handle credit verification and certification, and offer a flexible payout system. We also deliver growth opportunities for farmers, who can benefit from the long-term impact of carbon sequestration: higher crop yields, better soil health, increased productivity, cost reductions, and higher profitability.

For buyers

Our Farm Carbon Credits provide the missing link between organizations and decarbonization. By selecting and purchasing credits from our worldwide network, buyers can measure the impact of their offsets, neutralize their unavoidable carbon emissions, and contribute to the regenerative ag revolution. Our credits are independently certified by respected third parties. They comply with recognized standards. So, buyers can be sure they’re getting permanent, measurable, science-based GHG reductions.

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