Lindsey Miller Articles

Agronomist, Support

Based in Sherman County, Oregon, the heart of the Pacific Northwest (PNW), Lindsey joined Agoro Carbon in April 2023 as an Agronomist. Originally from Southeast Idaho, she grew up farming and ranching as the fourth generation on her family’s 100+ year homestead.  Lindsey works each day to support farmers and ranchers and protect the future of agriculture. She earned a Bachelor’s of Plant Science degree from Montana State University and has thrived in production agriculture ever since. After graduation, she worked as a crop consultant, focusing on management zone specific soil and tissue samples for precision recommendations. Lindsey then combined her field work experience with her sales, outreach, and plant operations skills to take her next career step in ag. Over the past six years, she was a seedsman for the local cooperative’s certified wheat seed program. Lindsey is a Certified Crop Advisor and currently serves on the Northwest exam committee.
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