Agoro Carbon Alliance Reaches Two Million Acres Across 26 States

Increasing farmer and rancher enrollment delivers long-term soil health improvements and lasting climate impact

TAMPA, Fla. (January 23, 2024)Agoro Carbon Alliance, a global leader in the agricultural carbon market, announced today that the company has hit a significant milestone: 2 million acres enrolled in sustainable agriculture practices across the U.S. These acres are conservatively estimated to sequester more than 7.5 million tons of carbon over the contract periods. This milestone was achieved in the company’s second full year of enrollment, indicating another successful year delivering impact for farmers, ranchers and our planet. 

Carbon farming and ranching has gained momentum and increasing participation, evidenced by Agoro Carbon’s rapid growth across the U.S. Agoro Carbon is at the forefront of this movement, driving positive environmental changes while providing farmers and ranchers long-term customized agronomic support, a competitive payment structure, flexible contract terms and a trusted partner.

“Reaching 2 million acres is a testament to our unwavering dedication to advancing sustainable practices and improving farmer and rancher success,” Elliot Formal, Agoro Carbon CEO, said. “We are proud to partner with farmers and ranchers implementing practices that promote soil health, water conservation and biodiversity – and, ultimately, accelerating the transition to climate-positive agriculture.”

Delivering Meaningful Impact: 2 Million Acres and Growing

The 2 million acres milestone demonstrates Agoro Carbon’s ability to deliver meaningful outcomes for farmers, ranchers, and businesses looking for impactful investments:

  1. Agricultural Sustainability and Resilience: Along with committed farmers and ranchers, Agoro Carbon has championed widespread adoption of proven sustainable practices. This collective effort has resulted in enriched soil health and enhanced biodiversity, leaving a profound and positive imprint on the environment and paving a legacy of sustainability. These transformative changes align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as zero hunger, climate action and preserving life on land. Simultaneously, this initiative presents businesses with a unique opportunity to invest in enduring societal and environmental change, fostering a legacy of responsibility and forward-thinking stewardship.
  2. Producer Profitability: Carbon payments represent an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to gain additional revenue for climate leadership and reduce risk while implementing practices that improve soil health and resilience. Agoro Carbon offers multiple contract options to farmers and ranchers, including offering prepayments to support the implementation of regenerative practices and payments upon issuance. 
  3. Climate Contribution: To ensure permanence of the estimated more than 7.5 million tons of future carbon sequestration, Agoro Carbon works with producers to ensure practices deliver long-term benefits beyond the contract period. As Agoro Carbon continues to grow, increasing amounts of carbon sequestered will generate a substantial volume of high quality, science-backed credits. 

Agoro Carbon is backed by Yara International, the industry’s leading global crop nutrition company. With 118 years of knowledge and innovation from Yara, Agoro Carbon is built upon extensive experience, deep relationships and a respected reputation.

“Yara is committed to supporting Agoro Carbon’s mission and vision, and together we’ve achieved great momentum since launching in 2021,” Svein Tore, Yara CEO, said. “The farmers and ranchers partnering with Agoro Carbon demonstrate the impact that regenerative agriculture can have to mitigate the effects of climate change and contribute to creating a nature-positive food future.”

Looking Forward

Agoro Carbon remains committed to advancing regenerative agriculture, with a vision to enroll millions more acres in the coming years. By collaborating with farmers, ranchers and industry partners, Agoro Carbon will continue to create a positive and lasting impact on the climate, soil health and agriculture.

To learn more about Agoro Carbon’s progress and the carbon market opportunities available for farmers and ranchers, visit

About Agoro Carbon Alliance

Agoro Carbon Alliance partners with farmers and ranchers to sequester carbon within the soil and generate verifiable carbon credits. Agoro Carbon, backed by Yara, drives the global adoption of regenerative agriculture practices through high-quality, science-based carbon solutions that sequester carbon and improve soil health, while providing businesses an opportunity to invest in climate-positive agriculture. Nature-based carbon solutions from Agoro Carbon are supported by innovative carbon experts and a dedicated team of scientists building a more sustainable future. Learn more at


Ashley Camp Bruner
Global Marketing & Communications Manager